Madhubhan Foods presents the Great Indian Food Trip – A ScoutMyTrip initiative in association with Travel Pals. Abhinav and Swati of Travel Pals are embarking upon an amazing food trail which will see them pass through India, Nepal and China.

While dreams are coming true and blessing are going to be sought from Lord Shiva, we thought we’d make this a little interesting with a contest to involve everyone!

What makes it special is that we will be on an unprecedented Sattvic Food Trail, which makes it very suited for the intrepid explorers Swati and Abhinav. Both vegetarianism and adventure are close to their heart and the very core of their being! Not many understand what Sattvic actually stands for. It is an ancient Hindus dietary tradition designed to aid spiritual and physical well being of humans. We will find out more through the eyes of Swati and Abhinav.

You can follow their journey on social media as they crisscross through 3 countries and also win prizes in the process.

All you have to do is answer one or both these questions. We prefer longer and deeper answers which connect on an emotional and spiritual level. Feel free to make it personal, tag friends and more!

Abhinav’s Question: What does vegetarianism mean to you? Tell us your story and views. If you turned vegetarian recently, we’d love to know even more!

Swati’s question : What vegetarian food would you recommend when one is on a trek?

Rules and how to participate

  1. To participate you can either
    1. Leave a comment on this page
    2. Tweet to us using the hashtags mentioned – Tag @scoutmytrip @asoulwindow @buoyantfeet and @wetravelpals
    3. Comment on our Instagram posts using the hashtags mentioned
  2. Tag 3 friends while answering
  3. Multiple entries allowed and encouraged
  4. Like these three Facebook pages – ScoutMyTrip | A Soul Window | Buoyant Feet
  5. Use these hashtags #GreatIndianFoodTrip #LetsGoSaatvik #TravelPals #MansarovarYatra with your comment on any of the platforms you are participating from
  6. Re-share this page / post on Facebook with comment – “Let’s Go Sattvic Contest”
  7. Participants who own a website or a blog – please leave a link to your website. Read below to know why!
  8. Last Date: 31st August 2018


  1. We will be choosing three winners
  2. Exciting souvenirs from China!
  3. ScoutMyTrip goodie bag – lots of stuff!


  1. The best responses will be turned into a collaborative blog at the end of the trip by Travel Pals on Abhinav’s and Swati’s blog.
  2. Travel Pals will pick 15 best answers.
  3. If you own a blog or website, they will be given a do follow link.
  4. Request website owners to drop their blog links along-with their answer in the comment section of this post. Their DA’s are pretty awesome, so don’t forget this!

One thought on “#LetsGoSattvic Season 3 Contest”

  1. I am born and brought up in a vegetarian family but when I was a little kid I loved the smell of chicken my friend used to bring to school. I would go home and always tell my mother that after growing up I will eat chicken. Years passed and as I grew up I came to know how chicken is made which is basically killing a living being. This thing disheartened me, I can’t fulfil my appetite by killing another being, I thought, also, my stomach is not a graveyard. The truth changed my perspective and I decided, no matter what, I will never have non vegetarian food. I am a proud vegetarian by choice. 😊

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