Himanshu Sehgal Great Indian Food Trip

Meet Himanshu Sehgal and his Yellow Plate

My Yellow Plate was born out of my sheer love for food and travel. Being a die-hard foodie, he always carried MYP with me and soon realized that it could be used to build a perfect platform to share all the original delicacies with you across various cities, through reviews and blogs.

What started-off as an instagram handle, soon converted into a Zomato profile and is now all set to be the ultimate food-discovery platform. With so many different cuisines to taste and fall in love with, all he can think off is how to eat more while saving some space for what is to follow!

So join him as he discovers food everywhere from streets to exotic restaurants only on MYP, and keep the love flowing in. Afterall, being loved too much has never caused diabetes to anyone!

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