Saumya Rai is the better half of  The ‘Road To Taste’

They are couple with very similar but also very different interests and habits. They list some of the common ones first. Passion for traveling, love for food and craziness for movies was what brought them together. They used to share their interests with each other in our long distance conversations. They both loved to travel, be it road trips, train journeys or flights, all they needed was to get out of our routine and head somewhere.

They both love to eat food – from street food to fine dine to buffet, anything served to them is worth tasting. They both can sit through any movie, no matter how boring it may be, at any hour of the day, or for that matter night!

The opposites include the love for cleanliness by Saumya and while Vishu had lived the perfect bachelor life. She being a nocturnal, he loved to sleep all night. She loves to click and his forte is kalam ki taaqat (writing). She talks a lot and he is the silent type. She is bubbly, chirpy and full of joy and he is the grumpy one!

So tell everyone to plan a trip and hit the road, taste the local cuisines and meet different people and one will return home as a different person with some experience and stories to share with the world.

Road to Taste is all about our roads traveled, food tasted and experiences garnered!

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