Abhinav Singh Great Indian Food Trip

Abhinav Singh is an adventure and wildlife junkie. He has traveled to more than 200 destinations since 2008. He has been listed as Top Travel Blogger from India more than 15 times. He also writes for Lonely Planet, Mint, National Geographic, Railbandhu etc.

He has been listed as Top Travel blogger from India more than 15 times. He has been travelling since 2008, mostly as a solo traveler. What started as a deeply personal journey, triggered by a personal tragedy, has now translated into a blog and a career. It helped him feed his hunger for loneliness, brooding and some serious soul searching (That’s how he lost most of his hair!). It helped him rediscover many hidden facets about himself.  From an introvert, travel has turned him into a forced extrovert. Thanks to travel, from a self destructive person, he has turned into a positive, happy individual!

Abhinav Singh is featuring in the third season of the Great Indian Food Trip

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