The ScoutMyTrip team’s love for food and road trips is now in some circles even legendary. It’s no wonder that we are on our journey to explore the two with The Great Indian Food Trip! When it comes to road trips and food, its hard to separate the two.

Great Indian Food Trip

The Great Indian Food Trip is an exploratory drive and property by ScoutMyTrip into the hinterlands of India rediscovering some of the most iconic and even lost treasures of Indian cuisine and food.

Some would swear by their road trips which are purely driven by the food they want to eat on the highway or when they reach a place. We’re guilty as charged too when it comes to foodie road trips, one the co-founding team went on in 2016 – a Mumbai to Indore Road Trip to explore the eclectic, and vibrant street food culture of Indore.

Great Indian Food Trip

Over the next year we plan to carry out five editions of the Great Indian Food Trip in various parts of the country, where we plan to soak up the flavors, indulge in binging over excessive amounts of food, meet chefs, cook by the country side and live off the land and vehicle. And while we do all this, we open it up to everyone from Scouts, travel bloggers, influencers, foodies – the road trip community.

Each edition might extend up to a month but would be a minimum of one week in Great Indian Food Tripduration. So before deciding to come with us for one of the editions of the Great Indian Food Trip’s, know that you would be on the road for a while! It needs an iron stomach, an inhuman capacity to eat, maybe the same dish for days at an end!

Join us as we explore the eclectic Indian cuisines, dishes, dhabhas and iconic street food haunts – one highway at a time.