What is the Great Indian Food Trip?

We're exploring the eclectic Indian cuisines, dishes, dhabhas and iconic street food haunts - one highway at a time.

2nd Edition of the Great Indian Food Trip – The Indore Food Escapade

SMT: Hey dude, tera ye #HauryaBikers ka funda kya hai, kuch club-wub hai kya? (What is this #HauryaBikers thing you do man, is it some kind of club?) Me: Nothing…

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South Indian Biryani Trail: The First Edition Trip Log

The first edition of the Great Indian Food Trip was the South Indian Biryani Trail. Starting on 9th December from Hyderabad, the team went all the way to Calicut via…

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Our Inspiration behind the Great Indian Food Trip

The ScoutMyTrip team’s love for food and road trips is now in some circles even legendary. It’s no wonder that we are on our journey to explore the two with…

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Upcoming Editions of the Great Indian Food Trip

The Chai Trail

The Kebab Trail


Hunt for the Perfect Butter Chicken

The Parantha Escapade

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types of biryani

Types of Biryani down South

So we are off on the first ever #GreatIndianFoodTrip today. The ScoutMyTrip team is off to Hyderabad where the South Indian Biryani Trail officially starts tomorrow. You would know a lot…

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